November 11, 2013

Ryokan's Story

New Book Announcement:

KAKURENBO Or the Whereabouts 
of Zen Priest Ryokan
by Eido Frances Carney 
with translations by Nobuyuki Yuasa
Temple Ground Press, 2013.  
ISBN-13: 978-0985565114

Written for a general audience, this is an exploration of the life of the Zen priest-poet Ryokan interwoven with memoir of the author as she observes Ryokan’s life during her own training as a Zen priest in Japan and encounters Ryokan in contemporary life as a model for learning and renewal. Ryokan loved the game Hide-and-go-Seek, Kakurenbo in Japanese, and this provides a metaphor as the author seeks to uncover the mysterious pathway of the hermit priest. The book includes a generous amount of Ryokan’s poetry by the award- winning translator Nobuyuki Yuasa.

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