June 09, 2009

Brief Hiatus

Yes, it's been quiet in the past couple of weeks.  Not that I haven't been busy, but it's been quiet around the temple grounds.  Sounds from the trail are frequent because the weather is fine so people are out hiking, but mostly it's quiet.  There are few visitors.  Gogo-an is friendly in the sun, and anytime anyone wants to come, they can call ahead if it's a long stay, or they can just arrive for a brief visit.

Daily morning practice is going well and we have more people sitting in the mornings in summer.  It's light at 4:30 a.m. and people wake early and come over for Zazen.  It's a wonderful feeling to have more people in the mornings and the spirit of ceremony is very strong.  i recommend it to everyone.

One of the practices we have at morning ceremony is to remember those who are sick.  Lately, we've had quite a few people who are ill and to whom we wish to send merit.  We recite their names and remember them in thought, we send forward merit and energy.  When you arrive for evening practice, do pause and read their names on the Avalokiteshvara altar just outside the Zendo doorway.  Keep each one in your thought, won't you.

I'll write again this week to summarize Wednesday's encouragement talk.