October 23, 2009

Watching Leaves Fall

Since I'm still home with the flu, I've watched the leaves sailing in the wind and rain which has come with a vigorous beginning to winter. The trees have dropped about half their foliage. Leaves fall by the billions, or at least that's what it feels like when it's time to rake. In places we are knee deep and leaves coat the bushes like snow in a blizzard. But, leaves don't melt as the days go by. They hang on and get dry and droopy. If we don't pull them out of the bushes, the temple grounds begin to look like a haunted, forgotten village.
Still, it's a beautiful autumn, deep in color and I don't mind that I've this time to take it all in. Unfortunately, it's the tenacious flu that brings out this respite. I've the regular type flu and not the H1N1 that children and young people are infected with. It's quite debilitating in that it throws a net over you when you think you've gathered some energy and start to go forward. The cough hangs on and makes for exhaustion. We haven't even had time to get people inoculated for this year's strain. Can't tell whether the strain that is going around now is this year's brand or whether, living in Olympia, we're still behind the times. The thing is, lots and lots of people are sick right now. Makes you want to just stay home and batten down the hatches. Not to mention keep you from getting hit by massive falling leaves.

Please take care of yourselves everyone. Let's do what we're told by washing our hands frequently. Another thing to do is to use a saline solution inhaler throughout the day. They are inexpensive, about .99 cents to $1.50, and are found in any drug store. If someone has a cold, stand back from one another, about 10 feet away. Give up hugging for the duration. Get a good night's sleep every night, eat well, drink plenty of fluids. If this is the regular regime, then the virus may latch on but will have less potency and will be less debilitating. If you do get it, cancel all social engagements for two weeks. If you have to go to work before you are truly healed, try to stay away from others, wear a mask when you are around others. The Japanese wear masks frequently and it really helps to prevent contamination in others.

Looking forward to being back at it very soon.