January 19, 2010

Healing Ceremony for Haiti

We had a one-day sesshin retreat on Saturday which was offered for the merit of those suffering in the disaster in Haiti. During our kinhin, walking meditation, we chanted brief affirmations from the Eko, the Dedication, of our Midday Ceremony. These affirmations were meant to remind us that our efforts in practice are not idle or unheard, but rather, have a resounding confidence that practice pervades everywhere.

I copy the Eko here for you to recite along with the healing chanting you might do on behalf of those in Haiti, or anywhere suffering from this disaster. We continue to offer our sincere concern that they may be relieved from suffering and distress. This brief healing ceremony can be offered at any time along with your Zazen practice.

Enmei Jikku Kannon Gyo (Chanted 21 times)

Kanzeon namu Butsu, Yo Butsu u in, Yo Butsu u en, Buppo so en, Jo raku ga jo, Cho nen Kanzeon, Bo nen Kanzeon, Nen nen ju shin ki, Nen nen fu ri shin.

Eko (Dedication):

May all Awakened Beings extend with true compassion their Luminous Mirror Wisdom. With full awareness we have chanted the Enmei Jikku Kannon Gyo for protecting life. Humbly we invoke the Sound Observer Who Hears the Cries of the World, that she may extend her compassionate aid to:

All the myriad forms of sentient life which make Haiti their home

All who are suffering in the wake of the earthquake

What we pray is that the Three Treasures may watch over the people of Haiti and the myriad people who are staying there, along with those who have traveled to Haiti to bring healing, to take care of it, and to protect it from further calamity,

May we continue to have calm practice in the face of adversity. 
May the merit of this practice pervade everywhere, 
 And may we together with all sentient beings realize the Buddha Way.