November 11, 2010

Poem for Veterans' Day

Each year at Veterans's Day or on Memorial Day I post a poem by my brother John Carney who is a Vietnam Veteran.  He writes poems about military patriotism and poems that question war.

                                    John Carney 5/29/2010

Who fully understands
The meaning of this day?
The parents, spouses, sons and daughters 
Who waved them on their way? 
Is it the comrades in their midst  
Who saw them where they lay?

Many do not comprehend
And some may not even care
That the sacrifice that was made
Is a bond that others share.

And this is not a matter
It is not the important thing
As they laid down their lives
That only some then felt the sting.

What is important for us all to know
and to realize in some way  
Is that the meaning of this time 
Though passion only some display,

Is we are a country, we are a people
And this liberty we hold so dear
Is kept alive by our willingness
To respond when threats appear.

It may be arguable or seem wrong
And with that make some outcry
Against the leaders and their acts
Have them explain their reasons why.

But do not let this day go by
Without some pause for thought
For the fallen and their loved ones
And their comrades who also fought.

As as a nation, as a people
And our actions in this world
We should recognize and honor
Today when the flag's unfurled.

It's one time we should all realize
It doesn't matter if you fully understand
But take some time to respect such cost! 
They died in service of our great land!