May 20, 2011

The days run away... wild horses over the hills.  This, I do believe, is the title of a poetry book by Charles Bukowski.  The days do run away is how it seems.  Perhaps this is preferred than to sit around bored and wishing for someone to show up to make something happen.  But the days do run by and it often feels as though nothing gets done, nothing gets accomplished.  Bukowski says that that is how it should be.  His gravestone says, "Don't Try."  In a letter to John William Corrington in 1963, Bukowski wrote that someone asked him about his creative process and he answered, "What do you do?  How do you write, create?"  You don't, I told them.  You don't try.  That's very important; not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality.  You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more.  It's like a bug high on the wall.  You wait for it to come to you.  When it gets close enough you reach out, slap out and kill it.  Or if you like its looks you make a pet out of it."

Michael Long will enjoy that quote.

I'll wait for the right words of prayer and poetry to write to hang in the garden tomorrow for the Day of Prayer and Healing for Japan.  Meantime, there's the sun today, and the sky is high up and deep blue.  This day too will run away...