May 25, 2009

On Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and today we honor those who died in service to their country.  

My brother, John Carney, is a Vietnam War veteran, and several years ago he wrote the following poem that I try to publish or send around on Memorial Day.  

Not Today

On Memorial Day we remember
Those who gave their all,
While serving for their country
During war they met their fall.

When a country goes to war
Whether it seem right or not,
The young are mostly called to fight
Some Giving all they've got.

Grief for a passing loved one
Is always a painful thing,
To lose someone so close
Such sadness it can bring.

But there is a special sacrifice
Mostly young people make,
When a nation has sent them
To put their lives at stake.

No matter if one believes or not
In what sent them to their fate,
It is only right to note their loss
As a nation on this date.

This is one special time
When all arguments should cease,
We should all mourn together
For those at eternal peace.

What paths or journeys sent them
To meet their untimely death
On some battlefield far off
Where they drew their last breath?

Don't ask now, not today
Let's just try to understand,
That they paid the ultimate price
In service of their land.

Then if it makes sense to question
And ask why they had to pay,
Raise your voice, make your point,
But tomorrow, not today!